Breaking News: Sharlinie Mohd Nashar

5-years old Sharlinie Mohd. Nashar was reported missing yesterday, 9th January 2008 around 11 a.m. She was last seen in Kampung Medan, PJS, some 200 m away from her house. By 11 a.m. today local time, it will be the full 24 hours since her disappearance.


Image obtained from The New Straits Time Online (Jan 10th 2007).

Attached is the photo of the missing girl, including the photofit of the prime suspect which the police have released earlier today. To those who live within the large radius of the Kg. Medan area, please stay alert and keep a sharp lookout for a man or a girl fitting their descriptions.

Sharlinie’s physical description is as follows:

3 feet 2 inches tall, of slight build with a round face, tanned complexion and short hair, wearing a light blue t-shirt and skirt and a pair of pink slippers.

Citizens, please do your bit. You may be able to save an innocent child’s life today.

If you think you have any leads or useful information on Sharlinie’s whereabouts or the suspect’s, please do not hesitate to contact RakanCop at 03-21159999.

You may be able to save an innocent child’s life today.

Important note: It has come to my attention that one newspaper has published Sharlinie’s parents’ mobile phone numbers. Goodwill citizens, please refrain yourselves from texting or calling Sharlinie’s parents just to express your kind sentiments. As generous as your thoughts are, it is vital that we need to keep the lines free for potential witnesses or important tip-offs. You can do your part by spreading the alert and keeping a sharp lookout for anyone matching the victim’s descriptions or the suspect’s.


2 responses to “Breaking News: Sharlinie Mohd Nashar

  1. Good job! Got all the details needed. Now am looking for the hp. Might be a good idea to put it on the blog too. Some people might hesitate to contact the police but they won’t mind calling the parents to give information, especially if the police lines are busy.

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